Top 5 WWE Raw 25 Moments

It’s been talked about for a long time. Yesterday it finally happened. Raw 25, celebrating 25 years of the most popular WWE program. But did it live up to the hype? We were promised big names, and we got them, except for Bret Hart who was waiting to see his hand doctor. But what were the best moments in the show? Here we list our favorite moments. See if you agree.

1. The Undertaker Returns

Well it had to be on the list, didn’t it? As soon as the bells tolled you knew he was on his way to the ring. The crowd erupted. I have to admit, he looked better than I thought he would for a man of 52 who has been wrestling since 1984. I’m undecided as to whether he was hinting he would come back or not. Several people seemed to think he is, while others thought he was saying goodbye. He talked about those he had beaten and stated “They all tried, they all failed. And now on this sacred ground, I declare for all of those who have fallen it is truly time you rest in peace.” Less than a week before the Royal Rumble so maybe we will find out then!

2. The Return of Stone Cold

Another instantly recognized theme tune that had the audience on their feet. He was, of course, after Vince McMahon who was, as usual, being a t***. Yes, I know, it’s not real, and I’m sure he is a lovely person, but he plays the character very well! Despite Vince claiming he is a senior citizen, Vince gets a Stunner as does his son Shane. The beers are thrown, and Steve celebrates. He did miss catching a lot of beers though. Must be out of practice!

Stone Cold


3. The Miz Defeats Roman Reigns

I’m not a huge fan of The Miz, but I dislike Roman Reigns even more so I was pleased he lost the belt. I think it’s pretty clear that Vince has bigger plans for Reigns than being Intercontinental Champion, but it was nice to see a relatively clean win for Miz. Of course, Dallas and Axel were slightly involved but a lot less than normal. The match was reasonably fast, and there were several two-counts. I’m not sure where Roman Reigns goes on from here. I have a feeling if he enters the Royal Rumble he will win and headline WrestleMania. My problem with Reigns is that he seems to have no personality. He has no mic skills and his moves are very limited. People compare his rise to John Cena as he was pushed to the top and then stayed there for a long period. At least Cena has personality though!

4. D-Generation X Return

Oh didn’t these wrestlers look old! To be fair, they are getting on a bit. Scott Hall is 59, Shawn Michaels is 52, and Sean Waltman is 45. They do look like they have been in a fight or two, but they still have the ability to make me laugh! Good to see Triple H make reference to Chyna in his speech. Shane Kevin Nash wasn’t there but he is recovering from surgery on his knee. They stayed at ringside while Gallows and Anderson defeated The Revival. After the match The Revival tried it on with Scott Hall and for they received an X Factor, a Fameasser, Sweet Chin Music, a Pedigree, and a Coup de Grace! Phew, bet they felt it the next day!

5. Braun, Kane, and Lesnar

I understand Braun vs. Lesnar but why is Kane involved? He is running to be Mayor of Knox County. I’m not sure how wrestling will fit in with that position. He isn’t going to win at the Royal Rumble. We know this! Why bother? He is 50 years old and more keen on keeping taxes low rather than winning the Universal Championship! Though….to be fair, Lesnar isn’t actually busy being  Champion so maybe Kane could manage it! Anyway, at Raw 25 all three were together and despite Lesnar attacking Kane and Braun, Lesnar was thrown through the announcer’s table by Strowman. Very brief but the fans seemed to love Strowman getting one-up on Lesnar!

braun strowman


So those are my favorite moments on Raw 25. What would be your choices?

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