Supergirl vs The Flash vs Arrow – We Choose Our Favourite

When talking about our favorite TV superheros, we’re blessed with a group of great choices. The CW has become a network that is well known for putting together great programs centering around DC comic book heroes Supergirl, the Flash, and Green Arrow. The real question is which one of the three is the best and the most fun to watch.


On Arrow, you can expect to see a bit more down to earth program about TV superheroes. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) isn’t someone who possesses superpowers, at least not in the strictest sense. He spent five years in isolation and trained for years in a number of different martial arts. He knows how to fire a bow better than others know how to fire a gun. Because of this, the enemies he faces tend to be a bit more down to earth as well. Damien Darhk was probably my personal favorite nemesis. Completely insane, he killed thousands of innocents until Queen finally killed him after the death of Laurel. 

While there have been some enemies of the Arrow that have practiced magic and witchcraft, quite a few of the big bads have been other men and women who are highly trained in combat and weapons.

The Arrow

The Flash

When talking about the Flash, you’re talking about a superhero show that has a little more fantasy than Arrow. The Flash and most of the enemies he fights were given powers in a “scientific” method that people are supposed to believe could actually happen. That means there aren’t mutants like you find in Marvel comics. These are people who were normal once and have now gotten certain powers. This makes the show quite interesting because it allows for the people who are watching to feel as though someday they could be superheroes too. Of course, the things that gave the Flash his powers don’t exist in the real world. But there is that extra level of fantasy that makes the show so much fun.

There is also something about the characters in the show, that is friends and family all working together that make the program enjoyable as well. These are genuinely likable people that you root for on a weekly basis. The romance between Barry Allen (The Flash) and Iris was lovely to watch. A real “will they or won’t they” storyline that certainly had me glued to the TV. 

The Flash


You’ll find those same kinds of likable people when you are talking about Supergirl. On the flipside, Supergirl introduces the most fantasy into the show by having the hero and the enemies as aliens. The show even takes this to the next level by putting it on an entirely different earth than the Flash and Arrow. While the main characters and heroes are fun. the enemies all tend to seem like they are slightly different variations of the same thing.

Supergirl is played by Melissa Benoist and how fantastic that her adoptive parents were played by the original Supergirl (Helen Slater) and Superman from the TV series (Dean Cain). The cast generally work really well and in the latest series, I am truly missing  Cat Grant. Her character was incredibly well thought out and was fantastically played by Calista Flockhart.


When you take all of these factors and put them into one package, it’s rather obvious that the Flash is the best show of the three. The city the show takes place in seems to have more life than the other programs and the characters are more relatable. All three programs absolutely are fun to watch in their own little way, but if they were all on the same night and the same time, we’d have to turn into the Flash and DVR the rest.

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