Best Doctor Who Episodes of All Time


Doctor Who has been entertaining us since 1963. The original episodes were only 25 minutes and starred William Hartnell as the first Doctor. Over the years the program has evolved into much longer episodes and many spin-offs have been released including Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Class.

Over 50 years later the show has produced some amazing episodes. From the funniest to the saddest to the scariest, every episode I watch I squeal excitedly, “THAT has got to be the BEST one yet!” Here are my top 5 most memorable:


Blink (2007)

“… they are fast, faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink. Good luck.” I think every Whovian around the world knows this epilogue from The Doctor to Sally Sparrow. Dare I say the weeping angels are scarier than the Daleks? Oh yes! I have been extremely wary of angel statues since Blink, but I can still use a pepper pot with no difficulty at all. This episode really had me on the edge of my seat. Very cleverly written by Steven Moffat. In fact, it was the only episode he wrote in the 2007 series. I must admit I do have an unhealthy desire to rip off my wallpaper to see if there is a message from The Doctor every now and then! 

Weeping angels


Partners in Crime (2008)

OK let’s have a show of hands for everyone who wished Adipose were real? I would have several in my home and would be able to get into that size 10 dress sitting in the back of my wardrobe! Making this episode one of my best is Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, the loud-mouthed yet emotional, fiery redhead we first met in Runaway Bride and I loved her the moment she met The Doctor. Donna and The Doctor have a hilarious meeting at the Adipose factory miming their hellos, something that cracks me up every time. Sarah Lancashire played Miss Foster extremely well though she reminded me of a slightly psychotic Mary Poppins. It was lovely to see Bernard Cribbins excitedly wave Donna off as she flew off in the Tardis. 


The Sound of Drums (2007)

Remembering The Master from previous episodes, I knew all too well that The Master becoming Prime Minister was trouble! The Doctor reveals more of the history of Gallifrey and we get a unique view of his home planet.

Both Martha and Jack get an explanation of how a perception filter works, “It’s like when you fancy someone, and they don’t even know you exist…” We can all empathize with Jack and Martha on this one!

At the end the brave companion is left alone as the Toclafane rain down, it is now up to her to save The Doctor, the Earth, and everyone in it!


Doomsday (2006)

Let’s face it, no one has ever been closer to The Doctor’s hearts than Rose Tyler. In Doomsday The Doctor and Rose face two enemies, Cyber Men and Daleks. The Genesis Ark, peeked my curiosity until I realized the same time as The Doctor what “Time Lord science” meant… (Bigger on the inside) then it got scary!

To save the Earth the baddies must be sucked back into the void, but Rose cannot hold on any longer and is being sucked in too. Suddenly Pete appears from the parallel universe and rescues her… my stomach knotted, there was a lump in my throat, I was perched on the edge of my sofa screaming “NOOO!”

The Doctor burns up a sun just to say goodbye; how romantic! At this point I can hardly see through huge tears welling up. Rose chokes out “I love you.” By this time, I’m a total mess, sobbing on the floor! But there was a bigger heartbreak to come. My happy ending was crushed by the last words of The Doctor, “And I suppose, it’s my last chance to say it. Rose Tyler…….” The connection breaks the breach is closed forever leaving The Doctor alone with an unfinished sentence, tears falling freely down his face.

Not one minute later Donna Noble (THE best assistant) is transported on to the TARDIS in her wedding gown! “What?”! Tears are dried, and Rose is forgotten, on to another adventure!

Donna Noble


Robot (1974)

The Doctor has just regenerated for the fourth time into Tom Baker from Jon Pertwee, he won me over almost immediately with thoughts about how his nose was much improved, then sneaking out the sickbay to find the TARDIS, and searching for the key which of course was in his boot!

His companion Sarah Jane is an absolute delight, her giggles on screen to The Doctors antics are genuine. I can only imagine how much fun they must have had making this.

It is of course in this episode we hear the profound words of The Doctor that only Tom Baker has managed to immortalize: “Jelly Baby?”  


So there we have just a few of my favorite episodes. Use the comments below to let us know your favorite episodes!


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