Top 5 Iphone X Must-Have Accessories In 2018

Released in November 2017, the iPhone X can offer you one of the most sophisticated and exclusive smartphone experiences you can have these days. The experts at Apple have incorporated innovative technologies and state-of-the-art hardware into their latest release, so that you can enjoy every minute of using your iPhone X. Although it might be hard to believe, there are numerous accessories that can take your iPhone X experience to an even higher level. Find more about them here.

1. Wireless Charging Pad or Charging Stand

The revolutionary iPhone X is one of those gadgets that can be recharged wirelessly, so get ready to say goodbye to annoying power cords (which might anyway get chewed by your pet). A wireless charging pad or stand will look wonderful on your desk, and these accessories don’t cost much, so don’t be afraid to get one for yourself.

2. Apple AirPods

If you listen to music frequently, you should also think about investing in a pair of AirPods made by Apple. We agree that they are not the cheapest earbuds on the market, but the price you pay is justified in many ways. For example, the Apple AirPods are compatible with the entire Apple ecosystem, so you’ll be able to use them with your iPod or Mac as well. Secondly, these earbuds have been engineered to be light yet stable, so you can go for a jog without fearing that the earbuds might fall from your ears.

Apple Airpods

3. Wireless Power Bank

Although Apple frequently makes serious improvements when it comes to battery consumption for all its models, we always seem to require more on-screen time. If that’s the case for you too when using your iPhone X then why don’t you get yourself a wireless power bank? Such devices can hold up to 12,000mAh of power which means that it can completely recharge your iPhone X up to 4 times. Remember that these banks are capable of wireless charging and some of them can charge two smartphones at once.

4. Wide-View Camera Lens

We’ve covered music fans, we’ve covered power users, now let’s cover picture addicts too! If you cannot help but snapping pics wherever you go, whether you’re photographing your friends, a gorgeous view, or a delicious ham sandwich, you might be interested in buying a wide-view camera lens. This type of lens attaches to the rear camera of your iPhone X and captures a broader picture, getting in more details, happy faces, and snowy mountains. This lens can be attached as a singular item or in a combination with a protective case, guarding your investment against bumps and scratches.

5. Leather Case

Since we mentioned protective case, we think this aspect needs to be covered as well. There’s no need to emphasize how helpful a protective case can be, but don’t be like everyone and get a basic one. The iPhone X is a stylish phone, and it pairs well with a stylish leather case. If you don’t like leather, you can also get a metallic case which adds even more safety to your beloved gadget!

iPhone X Leather Case

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