Top 5 Tips to Follow If You Want to Ace at CS:GO

Let’s face it, CS:GO is one of the most exciting and thrilling games you can play these days because it gives you unlimited freedom and customization options. Unlike other games which eventually end after a while (Prince of Persia, Fallout 4, etc), in CS:GO you can always start a brand new match and enjoy a unique experience. Since this game is so addictive, it is only natural to assume that you want to get better at it. Read the following tips, put them into practice and you’ll become a more skillful player.

1. Watch how professionals play

Whether you choose Twitch or YouTube as your favorite video platform, numerous professional players spent thousands of hours playing CS:GO and they are probably some of the best in the world. Make a habit of watching these players for at least a couple of hours every week to gain insights into their competitive game and even take notes, as a diligent student, on what weapons they choose, what shortcuts they take, how they behaved in certain situations.

2. Play more Deathmatch games

In a Deathmatch game, you enjoy the pure excitement of shooting bullets after bullets at your enemies, in a virtual setting of course! Such games don’t have objectives, you don’t have to worry about money and you respawn much quicker than in traditional games. Since there’s no pressure on you, it gives you leeway to try new weapons, tactics, experiment with new gaming gear or simply play for fun.

CS:GO Deathmatch

3. Invest in more efficient gaming components

Speaking of gaming gear, do you actually know how big of a difference a high-end gaming mouse can make?  Granted, not all of us are willing to give a week’s worth of spending money on a Razer computer mouse, but you can at least get one which is specially designed for CS:GO and competitive play. Later on, you can also invest in better headphones and microphone, so you can communicate better with your teammates and ambush those players who badmouth you all the time.

4. Familiarize yourself with a single weapon

Whether you go for the sniper, a rifle from the Counter Strike team or the good ol’ Ak47, try to play with it as much as possible. CS:GO is a game which is easy to learn and difficult to master and by playing with a single weapon for a lot of time, your timing, accuracy, and control will improve drastically in a couple of weeks. Bruce Lee said that he isn’t afraid of a man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the one who practiced a single kick 10,000 times. We all have something to learn from that.

CS:GO Familiar Weapon

5. Play regularly and take breaks

To get better at CS:GO you have to dedicate a few hours of play every day. This advice might not be new to you, but keep in mind that you should also practice smartly, and that means taking regular breaks when you think the frustration has kicked in. We all have those moments when we just get “headshot-ed”, so instead of getting angry on your computer, take a 15 minutes break, breathe deeply and come back with a calmer mind.

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